Vegan Pancakes

hello everyone ♡

I am gonna show you guys today my favourite pancake recipe which is nothing special at all tbh. It’s easy, healthy and yummy and won’t take you any longer then 20 minutes. Basically it’s just my oatmeal in pancake form. Yep it’s that easy and i usually make them when i have time for making a fancy breakfast.

I created this recipe by myself but i’m sure there are lots of similar ones out there so sorry for that. Also i am using a nutribullet but every other mixer works as well of course (:

Serves one


-80g oats
-2 dl oat milk (any other milk)
-20g maple syrup & some vanilla drops
-1 banana

So first put the oats into a mixer and blend them until they look like flour. Then mash the banana and add her with 2 dl milk and the maple syrup and mix this until everything looks smooth.

If you want to now you can add chocolate chips, peanut butter or chia seeds.

The mixture should look nice and creamy and now you can simply put them in a pan step by step and flip them around (:

At the end when they are all done we need toppings of course and i just used some more banana, frozen berries, peanut butter and maple syrup. It was delicious and it’s than simple.

So this is already it i hope you try this and if you do post it on insta and tag me i’d love to see how they turned out and if you like them (:

xx jodi


Why Macros?

hello everyone ♡

So in this post i am going to answer some of your questions about macros. I did start counting macro nutrients because my goal is it to gain weight and build up some lean muscles. Which is more difficult to achieve for me since i am struggling with a disease called hyper metabolism aka a too fast metabolism. It kind of sounds fun now or cool or anything but tbh it’s actually just annoying but let’s answer some questions now (:

First to make sure.. i am not a professional health coach or anything. The only things i am going to tell is what works for my and what are my experiences with it. What works for me might won’t work for you and what works for you might won’t work for me.


What are Macros / my current macros?

Macros are basically the three main food groups (carbs, protein & fats) which are all necessary nutrients for our body to have actual energy and to survive. My current macros are 400-450C / 100-120P / 55-60F. And my energy intake is 3000+. This might sounds like a lot for a „normal“ human being but this is what works for me, it’s what my body needs.


When should you count macros and when not?

So I think it can be helpful to count macros if you have a goal like for example gaining weight, bulking, just gaining muscles in general, if you’re an athlete, or even if you just try to maintain your weight and if you’re an active person.

You should definitively NOT count macros if you’re in a bad relationship with food or if you don’t fully enjoy food!! If you are coming from a eating disorder and you want to start counting macros you need to reach a healthy weight first. Also make sure you’re not restricting yourself cuz macros are in my opinion not here to restrict.


What are the benefits of counting macros? (my experiences)

For me it’s just a great way to make sure to get enough food/nutrients in. If i would just eat and follow my hunger i would definitively not eat enough. If i compare clean eating with counting macros i notice amazing benefits of counting them because i feel like whenever i just try to eat clean and healthy all the time i used to kind restrict myself on treats and i’d have some like 1-2 times a week. But because of the reason that it doesn’t really matter where my macros come from (as long as it is balanced cuz balance is key) i actually eat treats like chocolate or cookies every single day if i crave them without worrying i could eat too much or not enough of something. So of course i also enjoy eating healthy and basic foods which is as important as being able to enjoy treats with out feeling guilty. Als i can make 100% sure that my body get’s everything he needs and also i can be WAY more flexible.


How to find out what works for you?

Since every body is SO different (take mine as an example lol) and since everyone has different goals whether it’s gaining muscles and fat, loosing fat or simply maintaining weight there is nothing that works for everyone. So once you know what your goal is there are a few options to start with. Some do it with a coach/personal trainer and others use apps for it. If you’re using an app you can select all your goals, activities, weight and height and the app will calculate what COULD for for you. The reason why i wrote COULD is because this is just a general recommendation that might works for you or not. You need to be flexible especially at the beginning and you need to find out what works for you.I highly recommend finding someone professional or someone with experiences.


How do I calculate them?

I do it with an app called Food and MyFitnessPal . And i also had support from a fitness instructor at the beginning. There are so many different apps out there but i like these two the most. I just plan it a bit the day before or in the morning and also spontaneously change stuff through out the day. You can even safe whole meals for example your favourite porridge with different toppings or add your own foods if they are not already there.


Is it crazy or restricting to count macros? Eating out?

No! Not at all. It might sounds a bit special to weight everything but it’s not restricting or crazy at all especially if you’re a bit in to it. Also it’s important to not go crazy with it for example i don’t always measure my bananas or apples because you can actually select small/medium or large apple.

I have 1-2 free meals (or more whatever i feel like) a week and whenever i have them i off can’t say exactly how much of what i had but it’s actually easy and from time to time you can just eyeball it. As an example if you’re ordering pasta at vapiano you actually see what they put in there and can easily estimate the ingredients. Just to make sure you get enough through the rest of the day. Also if you’re eating sushi or pizza sometimes the meals are even already on MyFitnessPal or online. But again don’t go crazy about it cuz that’s not what it is about.


So here are some answers and some tips who might could inspire you (: I hope you like it and if there are more questions or comments just ask/ write them in the comments and i’ll answer them ☺️

See you soon ♡

xx jodi



Welcome to my blog♡

Hello everyone!

I decided to start a blog because i want to inspire others with positivity and want everyone to realise how amazing life can be. If we choose it.

On here i am going to post Tips, Inspirations, Fashion stuff, Recipes, lots of traveling and exploring life to the fullest based things.

I hope you all like and enjoy my future posts and also i hope we can build up a little positive community ♡

Welcome to my blog!!!

xxxx jodi