Vegan Pancakes

hello everyone ♡

I am gonna show you guys today my favourite pancake recipe which is nothing special at all tbh. It’s easy, healthy and yummy and won’t take you any longer then 20 minutes. Basically it’s just my oatmeal in pancake form. Yep it’s that easy and i usually make them when i have time for making a fancy breakfast.

I created this recipe by myself but i’m sure there are lots of similar ones out there so sorry for that. Also i am using a nutribullet but every other mixer works as well of course (:

Serves one


-80g oats
-2 dl oat milk (any other milk)
-20g maple syrup & some vanilla drops
-1 banana

So first put the oats into a mixer and blend them until they look like flour. Then mash the banana and add her with 2 dl milk and the maple syrup and mix this until everything looks smooth.

If you want to now you can add chocolate chips, peanut butter or chia seeds.

The mixture should look nice and creamy and now you can simply put them in a pan step by step and flip them around (:

At the end when they are all done we need toppings of course and i just used some more banana, frozen berries, peanut butter and maple syrup. It was delicious and it’s than simple.

So this is already it i hope you try this and if you do post it on insta and tag me i’d love to see how they turned out and if you like them (:

xx jodi



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